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Christmas Social

In Lisheen Springs Golf Club   |   Nov 2017   |   Comments: 1
We had our annual Christmas Social night on Saturday 25th November 2017. It started at 8pm in Lisheen Springs Golf Club and finished around 1am. It was a great night of music, chat and fun. Refreshments and light food were available along with the bar.     It was one of our big annual fundraising events and there were some lovely prizes up for grabs. We had two raffles on the night. First raffle was for the four big prizes listed on the tickets (see picture below). All the tickets sold on the lead up to the event were then put into a drum on the night and four winners were pulled out. The winners were as follows:   1st place - J Powell 2nd place - Smiths 3rd place - M Quirke 4th place - R Kavanagh   Well done to each of the winners. Also a huge thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the raffle and/or made donations. All the money raised goes back into our community and is for all of our benefit. So thank you once more for ... Read More
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Halloween Disco

In Community Centre   |   Oct 2017  
We held a Kids Halloween Disco on Tuesday 31st October 2017. It started at 6pm in the Community Centre and finished around 9pm. It was a spooky place to be with all manner of scary characters moving around. There was a great turnout and everyone seemed to have fantastic fun, with sweets, treats, colouring and music.   It was of course a free event for the younger members of the community and there was such a wide variety of costumes worn by the kids. Prizes were to be given out for the best costumes, but there were so many good ones that  it was impossible to choose, so many, many prizes were given out in the end!! Plus there were drinks and goodies for all to enjoy.   Thanks to all of you who attended and we'll more than likely run this event again each year.               (Important note: If any parent sees a photo of their child on this page and would like it removed, please let the webmaster ... Read More
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Harvest Festival

In Community Centre   |   Sep 2017  
We had our annual Harvest Festival social night on Friday 29th September 2017. It started at 8pm in the Community Centre and finished around 2am. It was a great night of music, chat and fun. Refreshments and light food were available along with the bar.     It was a fundraising ticketed event so many thanks to all who bought tickets and attended. There were lots of raffles on the night too, so well done to those lucky winners. All of the money raised is for the benefit of the community and is used to run the Community Centre and other community related expenses. So thank you again to all for your ongoing generous support. Without all the community donations, the Community Centre would cease to function.   We hope you enjoyed the night too.      
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Ceoltas Music Night

In Community Centre   |   Sep 2017  
There was a fabulous night of Traditional Irish Music music held on Sunday 24th September 2017. It started at 8pm in the Community Centre and finished close to 11pm, so that shows how much fun was had!     Music was performed on the night by:   Saint Martin's National School musicians Blessington Comhaltas Group Members of Blessington Men's Shed   It was a free event (although as always, there way a 'donations box' at the door, so thank you again for any donations) with a packed hall. The Marquee was available to use and connected to the hall as it was already erected for use with another event, so it was great to have as all the musicians used it as a sort of back-stage area.   The evening kicked off with musicians from St. Martin's National School with Bernie Getherine at the helm. They were fabulous and played a number of Irish ballads. A lot of their friends from school also came to watch them. ... Read More
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Defibrillator Course

In Community Centre   |   Aug 2017  
We held a free Basic Defib Training course on Thursday 10th August 2017. It was single class of 2/3 hours held at 7pm in our Community Centre. The course was provided by 3 members of the Blessington Community First Responders, so a huge thank you to Simon and his colleagues for giving up their spare time to teach the basics of using a AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).   The course was very 'hands-on' so everyone who attended was asked to wear comfy, loose clothes. For the first part of the class Simon gave an intro into basic First Aid. He then posed various questions and scenarios to everyone, followed by an introduction to the equipment. A test AED was used and there were lots of different sized 'defibrillation manikins' (or AED dummies), from infant, child to adult. After an hour or so of theory, it was time for everyone to put everything they'd heard and discussed into practice. So it was down onto the floor to start testing and using the manikins ... Read More
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