Cyclying and Mountain Biking

Cycling is a very healthy way to keep fit and do exercise. We all see the many cyclists up and down the N81 Blessington Road and around Brittas. So it's just a matter of getting out there on your bike where you can admire the wonderful scenery in the area.


Then there's Mountain Biking (or MTB). All around the area there are so many trails for you to discover and share. There are many tracks up in Slade Valley Woods, which also plays host to an annual event in the all Ireland circuit. It is very important that when mountain biking that we show respect for anyone who is walking in these areas.


Welcome to our Brittas Community Association website which was launched in February 2018. We want to use this on-line location as a central place to share all the community news and inform you of any news, announcements or upcoming events.


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~ Feb 2018 ~

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