Roads & Traffic around Brittas

The roads and traffic in and around Brittas are very busy on a daily basis. Due to the N81 main road being a major feeder route to Dublin City, there is a large volume of traffic using it every day. Couple that with all the trucks that travel to and from the quarries in the area and it is easy to see the problems and safety concerns it raises.





The committee is continuously trying to get improvements made to the road network around the Brittas area. These generally include requesting:


  • better signage
  • electronic display signage
  • traffic calming measures
  • better, or renewed road markings
  • improved traffic flow measures
  • other...


It is especially important on the primary school road (R114) where some improvements have been made. Thankfully we have a dedicated 'School Traffic Warden' to make sure any children crossing the road get across safely.



If you have any constructive suggestions of improvements that could be made to the road system in and around the Brittas area, you can contact us and put forward your suggestions. We can then evaluate and put forward any resonable suggestions to SDCC.


If you have any issues, or have found any problems with existing infrastructure (e.g. knocked over signs, pot holes, illegal dumping, etc.), then have a look at our FixMyStreet page.


Welcome to our Brittas Community Association website which was launched in February 2018. We want to use this on-line location as a central place to share all the community news and inform you of any news, announcements or upcoming events.


We hope you like it and please feel free to give us any feedback or suggestions on ways to improve the site. We hope you drop by here often!


~ Feb 2018 ~

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